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Computer Technician

Computer Technician

Date of recruitment and registration: February -March 2019 

Starting date : April 2019 

Place of trainning: Montpellier, Nîmes, Sète, Béziers and Perpignan

Contact : 04 67 10 02 17

E-mail : candidature.gen@nouas.org


  • Students
  • Jobseekers
  • Employees


  • 9th garde/ standard
  • Basic knowledge in  Computer sciences 
  • Basic knowledge in English


  • Computer Support Technician 
  • Computer maintenance and deployment technician
  • Customer support  (Hepdesk) 

Objectives of the training

This Computer Technician training is a state recognized course at a baccalaureate level (equivalent to A levels/ 12th garde or standard). At the end of this course the candidate will be able to install, configure and fixe any computer troubleshoots and assist on computer network management. This training will allow the candidate to integrate a team of computer technicians, network technicians or a digital sales team.

Key Features of the Program

(855 hours in training centre and 210 hours of internship)


  •  Integrating the tech field
  • Adapting to the course
  • Getting acquainted with the professional environment
  • Employability

Maintenance of digital equipment:

  •  Install a system or deploy a master on a clients’ computer.
  • Troubleshooting hardware components and digital equipments.
  • Update and customize digital equipment.
  •  Contribute to the security of digital equipment and its data.

Contribute on infrastructural elements

  •  Contribute on network maintenance.
  • Contribute on an Active Directory network.
  • Install a network service for a corporate company or a client.

Troubleshooting a client or user’s computer

  • Provide technical support in a commercial context.
  • Manage a corporate network and monitor a park.
  • Assist users on software and digital equipment.
  • Diagnose and solve digital dysfunctions.
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